Prosthesis and Occlusion

"Enjoy the best of your smiles"

We lose teeth for different causes, whether due to tooth decay, periodontal disease, wear or trauma.

Its loss produces several consequences: (video) 1556k

That is why it is very important to replace it with prosthesis.

The prostheses can be unitary (replace a single tooth), partial (replace several teeth) or complete (all teeth).

It can also be:

  • Removable (remove and put)
  • Fixed: the patient can not be removed and rests on the remaining teeth or implants.



Bruxism: If you wake up with headache, fuzzy facial aches or dental hypersensitivity, you could stay in the group of people who clench their teeth.

Because this phenomenon usually develops during the hours of sleep, most people are not aware of this problem (called bruxism).

Witching people wear the sides of the teeth producing flat surfaces and weak enamel areas, which can easily fracture.

There are numerous emotional and physical factors that contribute to the development of this neuromuscular activity. Some of these factors are: stress, sleep disorders, unstable bites, poor dental positions or absence of teeth.

An effective treatment to avoid dental wear consists in the use of a dental protector ( "discharge splint").

This proctector prevents upper and lower teeth from contacting each other during periods of nighttime bruxism.

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